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Kiwisatz Haderach

Kiwisatz Haderach

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Chocolate habenero and kiwi hot sauce

Introducing 'Kiwisatz Haderach,' a hot sauce that draws its inspiration from the enigmatic Kwisatz Haderach of Dune.

Just as the prophesied one held the power to transform the universe, our sauce combines the fiery kick of Chocolate habanero peppers with the exotic sweetness of kiwi. It's a cosmic harmony of flavor, balancing heat and refreshment.

'Kiwisatz Haderach' offers an adventure through complex tastes. Embrace the mysteries of flavor and embark on a culinary journey where the unexpected reigns supreme. As Dune's wisdom suggests, 'He who controls the spice controls the universe.' With 'Kiwisatz Haderach,' you hold the reins to a universe of taste, ready to explore and conquer."

Ingredients: Kiwi, chocolate habanero, onion, apple cider vinegar, water, orange, garlic, salt

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